I know It’s been a minute since I got on here.

I’ve just been hella busy with driving mostly.I’ll try to write more tho❤️

So for today I’ll just leave a message for all the people in search of this temporary popularity🥀.

Yea it’s cool to have followers and likes,and if it builds your self esteem and/or makes you happy then go for it👏🏾

But here’s a little something to note 📝

How long are you gonna keep this up?

How long is it all gonna last?

Not for long that’s for sure.

These people will follow you but not all of em will follow you to the end.

They’ll like your pics but they don’t really like you.

They’ll comment but none would really commit to anything you do.

Know your circle and invest in people who’ll feed you as much goodness as you feed them🦋✨

A recent picture of myself 🙂

Sending blessings your way🌻

Thanks for your time💛


Message From Society

Dear Anyone alive,

Welcome to our generation where everyone will tell you to be yourself (they don’t mean it tho) You have to try to fit in but you obviously won’t be able to do that cause you aren’t us and never will you be us simply because ‘us’ doesn’t exist.(Well it kinda does in everyone’s head and there’s a whole lot of heads{no pun intended}in this world so there’s a bazillion different forms of ’us’making the chances of you being ’us’ 1/∞ which is technically zero)

But that shouldn’t stop you from trying your best to be part of ’us’ for the rest of your life,🙃 the pain is totally worth it.I hope you make it to ‘perfection’.

As we say it here on earth practice makes ’perfect’.

Be nice to everyone on the way…

(In short:Just don’t lose yourself trying to find something that doesn’t exist❤️)