B for BE💫

Be humble,

Be lowkey,

Be yourself.



The Observation or examination of one’s own mental and emotional state and mental processes,it’s the act of looking within oneself.

Enough time spent focusing on the outside world✋🏾

Think of how we close our eyes when we cry,pray,kiss and dream,funny huh?


Its only because the most beautiful things in life aren’t seen but felt in your heart.❤️

Take a minute or two,close your eyes,connect with your inner self because in a world full of conflicts it is priceless to have inner peace.🧘🏾‍♂️

And the thing is,the only person who can give it to you is YOU😉.

A picture of me not actually searching for my inner peace,but trying to keep my heavy body balanced long enough for a picture to be taken:-)

Message From Society

Dear Anyone alive,

Welcome to our generation where everyone will tell you to be yourself (they don’t mean it tho) You have to try to fit in but you obviously won’t be able to do that cause you aren’t us and never will you be us simply because ‘us’ doesn’t exist.(Well it kinda does in everyone’s head and there’s a whole lot of heads{no pun intended}in this world so there’s a bazillion different forms of ’us’making the chances of you being ’us’ 1/∞ which is zero)

But that shouldn’t stop you from trying your best to be part of ’us’ for the rest of your life,🙃 the pain is totally worth it.I hope you make it to ‘perfection’.

As we say it here on earth practice makes ’perfect’.

Be nice to everyone on the way…

(In short:Just don’t lose yourself trying to find something that doesn’t exist❤️)

Stars can’t shine without the darkness🌟

All Our shadows appears when we are in the light

But our light never appears when we are in their shadows.

We feel sad when we are supposed to be happy but we never feel happy when we are supposed to be sad.

I guess that’s how they want it to work…

But It doesn’t have to be this way,

you,shining during your darkest moments,

that’s what it takes to be a star🌟



Christmas Day

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎄

A chance to take a break and get your shit together 💆🏾‍♂️

This is like the perfect(and only)opportunity to pause and reflect on all the important things around you✨

So It ain’t your choice as to whether you are ‘feelin’ this Christmas or not,You gotta be grateful that at the end of the year here you are and you can still read and understand this message🙏🏾

Be Happy😃

Get in the Christmas spirit ❤️

and make sure to make someone smile😊

Happy Holidays Friends 💝

One day you’ll just be someones memories,try be a good one🐾

It was finally 2018


“New Year New Me ”being posted everywhere by pretty much everyone.

So I was really frenzied about this year not only because It was my first year out of high school but also cause it was the year I was switching countries(and continents).It was the perfect chance for me to start a fresh.It was like a glimmer of hope in my life,not that I had anything that made me unhappy (my life was just okay)but I just felt empty inside.I guess what made me feel that way was spending way too much time on ‘social’ media.

I had a lot of nights thinking about If all of this ‘social’ media stuff is all worth it, you feel?Like do we actually have to all be here at this moment staring at our screens stalking each other?Comparing our lives?(even though we say we don’t we all do deep down without even knowing it,if that makes any sense).And with everyone acting like they in a reality show(even though in reality most got nothing to show) It’s hard for someone not to look down on themselves and feel depressed.

I kinda felt like I can’t have a new beginning without having an ending So I decided to delete my Instagram account(since I already left twitter,whatsapp, snapchat and all other ‘social’ media)I then talked to one of my close friends and he told me to try and disable my account first.(It’s like deleting your account temporarily and you can only do it like once a week or sth,I also didn’t know someone could do this lol)

I didn’t have anything to lose so yeah I did so and told one of my other best friends that I’ve deleted my Instagram cause I felt like starting a fresh when I switch locations,but then he was like ‘Bro this ain’t fair you just want to leave us all like that?that’s so not cool btw’.😓

At that moment,I came to a realization ;

In as much as there is a lot of stuff we are trying to escape from our past there are good memories we should cherish forever.


In as much as there are Toxic fake friends who we are constantly trying to cut off,there are actually Real true friends who never switched up on us that we should always keep around.

And although we can forgive,its hard to forget shit,but hey we really don’t have to forget we just have to live in the moment we are in;
Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery,today is a gift from God,which is why we call it the present(yes I got this from kung fu panda lol)

I’m actually still on ‘social’ media(obviously) mainly because I try to spread positivity online,to show that there are people who still care and no one should ever feel alone.Care,that’s actually all it takes,Never feel ashamed of having feelings,Never be ashamed of texting someone first/double texting,if you miss someone call them because a little effort from you can actually go a long way in helping the world🌎 . Everyone should just focus on elevating their followers and friends’ lives rather than trynna make them feel jealous and bad about themselves.I’m now back actively on other ‘social’ media and(My accounts on the bottom of this page😊)and although I don’t always know what to say I’ll always take my time to listen to anyone who needs my help and/or opinions on anything they are going through,I’m open 24/7 365 days(366 during leap years lol)

I left without telling most people goodbye,(I’m sorry.)😩❤️

Ive really never felt any good in goodbye or fair in farewell.So oh well…🙂

Now I’m far from home.

You never really know the last time you will see or talk to someone so try leave a positive impact on everyone who comes across your path while you still have the chance💫.

One day you’ll just be someones memories so try be a good one.🥀